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  1. When you agree to book the partnership will grant a "Provisional Booking" pending receipt within 12 days of a 20% deposit. We shall hold the Provisional booking for 12 days.
  2. On receipt of your deposit the booking becomes a "Firm Booking". Those with a firm booking will receive arrival advice and directions. It is important to advise the partners how ( eg plane or train or car) you plan to arrive and from which location.
  3. The balance of the payment for your holiday is due and payable 6 weeks prior to arrival or on booking if within 6 weeks of the holiday letting.
  4. The partnership will refund all monies ( less any banking transaction costs)in the event of a cancellation more than 6 weeks prior to the take up of a letting week. In the event of a later cancellation the partnership will refund only if a week is relet.
  5. Normally an apartment will be ready after 2pm and on departure day you will normally be asked to vacate by 10.45 am.
  6. Your short let confers no tenancy rights and is a holiday booking as defined by Scots Law.
  7. Vacationers or short letters are asked to entirely respect their neighbours and the quiet nature of the family apartment block and environs. The partnership reserves the right to ask occupants to leave immediately if they cause undue offensive to neighbours in the apartment block. Quiet behaviour, especially after 10pm is requested.
  8. Your apartment should be very clean for your arrival (or shortly thereafter when all tasks are completed) and you are expected to hoover each room and leave the kitchen and all its equipment cleaned before departure. Failure to do so may mean that the proprietors have to employ emergency additional helpers to clean the apartment and so the partners reserve the right to pass on these costs to the holiday maker.
  9. Minor breakages ( a cup or plate) will be treated as natural wear and tear but breakages over 15 in one week or mattress soiling will be treated as an occupier cost and the entire costs will be passed on to the holidaymaker. It happens very seldom and common sense can ensure it does not happen to you. Depending upon the circumstances , the partnership insurers may bear the costs of damages caused by occupants in excess of 200 but the first 200's of occupant damages will be an occupant liability.
  10. Any removal of apartment items, furniture or equipment will ensure you are immediately charged for the replacement costs.
  11. Normally the Morningside apartments will be available for Friday to Friday lettings. This applies in the summer months especially. In winter months and on occasions otherwise, the apartments will be available for shorter term letting.  Lettings for the Eskbank apartment are generally more flexible.
  12. The partners undertake to insure the building and for public liability, but occupants must insure their own goods through their own insurers.
  13. In the interests of common sense city security holidaymakers must ensure that the external doors of the apartment block are not left unlocked as they come and go.
  14. The partnership is a member of the Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board and of the Association of Scotland's Self Caterers. If as holidaymakers you feel the need to complain about the equipment, fabric and stars standards of your holiday apartment, you should feel free to complain to either body or both. Please also feel free to write to Charles Normand D Phil BSc, Irene MacRae or Ewan MacRae MBA.



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